Happy Birthday, My Love!



To My Beautiful Bride-To-Be:

God has blessed me with you beyond anything I deserve in this world.  You’ve taught me to live and love differently than I ever knew possible.  You’ve walked alongside me through extreme tragedy just as you have through times of great joy and happiness.  I’ve prayed for you since I was young (although I didn’t know specifically who I was praying for) and it’s amazing to see the way that God has preserved and protected you on your journey into my life.  While I will today, and forever, choose to spoil and love you, I hope you know that I love you so much more than any gift could ever express.  In fact, I am constantly learning to love you more than I ever knew possible.  Today won’t be a perfect example of how I love you simply because I can’t adequately express it with words or otherwise.  I can promise you, however, that I will never stop trying my hardest to show and share my love for you.


Happy birthday, my love!

-Chad Charles Baur I

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